Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Short letter - lots of pictures!!

The holidays are coming up… It will be Brooke’s second Christmas away from home.  I know it would mean a lot to her to have lots of mail during the holidays!  Here is her contact info and mailing address in case you would like to send her a note for the holidays!  I know she loves pictures and would love to get christmas cards!  Letters take a few weeks to get to her… but they go to the mission home first and then only get to her when someone from the Mission home is traveling to their area. 

-Chris (Brooke’s Mom) 

Brooke’s email -

Mailing address:

1122 Budapest
Hajnóczy József utca 14

^ Another statue!  This one says “Good Luck”  

The beloved transfer day has come! It is so funny that we all spend so much time stressing about what is next, when really I have so much faith in my mission president and my Heavenly Father and every call I have ever gotten was exactly what I needed. So this email will be shorter because we dont have too much time! 


I will be staying in Dunaújváaros another transfer with my adorable companion, Hooper Nővér!!! 
At first I was very shocked to be staying yet another transfer, but after being able to sit back and look at the situation, I was not ready to leave. I have so many people here I love so much and know that they still need my help! And I know that there are people I have yet to find that need me too. So all in all, I am extremely excited to see what these next two months have in store for me! Duna can't get rid of me yet! haha I apologize for it being short this week, but here are a few pictures that sum up the week! 

^^ Zone Day!! - Dunaújváaros Zone earned this day by meeting goals set by our Mission President. We watched the Lego Movie and played a bunch of games - one being "Box of Lies" from the Jimmy Fallon show. 

^^ Don’t worry… I didn’t lie to Sister Szabadkai. 

^^In the final round with Elder Miller.  I didn’t think he was lying…. so he won!

^^ Sword fight 

^^ Dunaújváaros missionaries before transfers.  Jensen Elder, Hooper Nővér and myself will stay here in Dunaújváaros.  
Miller Elder has now been called to be the AP.  

^^ These two nénis are my best friends. they sit out in front of the apartment building talking every day. Many days we sit outside and talk with them! SO happy I dont have to leave these two!!!

^^ new found love- coconut chocolate milk. I seriously go and buy one at the store every day

^^ A fall day in Duna

Sok szeretettel, 
Gertsch Nővér

Monday, October 10, 2016



I most definitely am in denial that this is a thing.  The fact that 10 whole months are gone is just incomprehensible.  And I hear that from here, it just goes faster and faster, so I am trying my very best to enjoy every minute of it!

^kürtös kalács - famous yummy Hungarian bread we got at a festival ^

One of these moments was this week while tracting we tracked a few buildings and nothing.  We kept going.  We did one csengő and were buzzed in before I even said anything into the intercom.  So we climbed up the stairs and from the top, a precious little néni poked her head out of her door.  When we go up to the top of the stairs, we started telling her we were missionaries and she just stared at us with this bewildered smile and then I realized that she was not  understanding us so we sat there for a minute just smiling (and almost laughing) and then finally she loudly told us that she could not hear us because she was deaf in one ear.  So she turned around and thought it was the end of that.  But then she turned back around and signaled for us to come in.  She then put in her hearing aid and we stood in her little living room - stood - for almost an hour!  Usually if we get a let-in, we don’t; get much in, but this néni let me talk about why we were here and then about the Book of Mormon.  When she went to hand it back to me.  I told her it was hers to keep and her face lit up and she pulled me in and gave me a big fat kiss on both of my cheeks!  (She also is 85 years old and so energetic, just thought I would throw that in here!) She promised she would read it and we are gong to go back this next week to follow up and see what she thinks about it!

 Elder Miller got a car!  Now we get lots of rides - so blessed!  haha

Just one of the many moments that gives me so much gratitude for having the chance to be a missionary here in Hungary and to befriend cute little néni’s like that one!  This coming week is th last week of the transfer, so next P-day could be a different story!  We will just have to wait and see.  

^This is one of our less-active members, Éva.  I love her with all my heart.  She was the néni that was in the hospital that we would visit

^Some members we meet with - Mother and daughter, both named Marika.


Have a great week!

Sok szeretettel,

Gertsch Nővér