Monday, June 27, 2016

Türelem Rozsát Térem - Week 28 Update

This week we had to try our very best to be patient.  A couple of our people cancelled on us, and of course, patience was very much needed with this crazy heat! Patience was actually the topic of a lesson we had with one of our investigators.  And as I was preparing in my personal study, I was actually the one that needed to learn a lesson.  With free agency and separate circumstances, people are only going to come to accept the gospel and it’s teachings all on their own.  A lot of times I feel like I am doing something wrong because we aren’t finding a whole lot of people to teach.  When we met with our investigator, I was struck with the Spirit because she is the ultimate example of patience.  She has been waiting for her marriage papers to be translated (she is from Romania and her marriage papers are in Romanian) for about a year, and without those papers, she can’t get baptized.  She is also the most patient person I have taught, she sits there with the biggest smile as I TRY to speak in Hungarian and always helps me.  And as we were sharing a few scriptures, she took a moment to encourage US to be patient with the people here and just keep the faith and keep working.  I never thought an investigator would be teaching me and would know exactly what I needed to hear!  Such a powerful moment.  The church is true! 

ZONE CONFERENCE was this week!  We have a lot of new missionaries in our zone because of transfers.  But it’s super awesome because Hughes Elder (one of the Elders that was in the MTC with me!!!) is now stuck with me and all of the missionaries are already so close! It’s going to be a good transfer! 

Zone Conference is always so motivating because we get to hear from our amazing Mission President, Szabadkai Elnők, and his amazing wife.  They gave us so much advice and support and I really learned a lot.  To save time, here is just one thing I loved and I know we can all apply it in every step in life.  Szadabkai Nővér shared a story about this father and son.  Long story short, the Mom’s wedding ring went missing and the Dad asked the son to help him look for it.  The little boy reached around to feel for the ring in a tall dresser drawer but found nothing.  The father watched as his son knelt down and said a little prayer.  After the prayer, he stood up and reached right back into the same drawer and found the ring.  Then he exclaimed, "Daddy, Heavenly Father gave me the finding power!"
And yeah, it was a really cute story but the point the father made was that the little boy immediately turned to the Lord when he needed help and then stood up with no doubt in his mind that the Lord would provide.  And I think that is so important!  To always pray, of course, but then to go through life ready and open for HIm to help and work through you. 
I know that if I have perspective like the little boy in the story, that I too, will have the power to find. 

Well that is all for this week!  Still melting more and more each day, but also falling more and more in love with this country and it’s people!

Stay happy and stay cool!

Sok Szeretettel,

Gertsch Nővér

Monday, June 20, 2016

So, so happy! - Week 27 Update

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(I got to see my MTC family at the transfer meeting in Budapest) 

This week was the craziest so far.  Let’s start with the honest truth.  The day after transfers was very difficult for me.  Giullian Nővér was the only companion I had for the first 4 months of my mission.  And on top of being separated from her, I was so incredibly nervous that I was staying in Szeged.  She was the one that had made all of the relationships with everyone and always did the majority of the talking.  And when my new companion came into the city, I was the only one that would know everyone and would have the connections and stuff.  So starting off the transfer, I was a little scared!

I don’t think I have prayed for help so hard in my life!

(My new companion - Vielstich Nővér)

Time after time, Heavenly Father has answered my prayer, but I don’t ever think I have felt Him with me more than I do right now!  For one, I was given such an AMAZING new companion.  She is only one group above me and speaks super well, but there have already been a lot of times where someone said something to us and we had no idea what they said and we both just look at each other confused and then just laugh about it after!  We both are so open and excited for growth and change, so I know she is an answer to my prayers! 

Side-note -      I decided to make cookies with the brown sugar and chocolate chips grandma and Grandpa sent me.  We ate about a third of the cookie dough and then when we went to actually make the cookies we realized we had no cookie trays or anything close!  BUT we did find muffin tins and ended up having chocolate chip muffins! (Don’t worry grandma, they still tasted just like cookies!) Haha… missionary life is so dysfunctional but I love it! Such an adventure!

There is a saying that has gone throughout the mission – “You
don’t know how much you know until you’re on your own”.  And 
without my trainer, I am kind of on my own, in a sense.  And I
feel like that can apply to real life, too!  I have been having so 
many experiences this week where I have had to step up and “just 
do it” and I have genuinely surprised myself at the growth
I am already feeling, and it’s only the first week of this transfer!

I’m not saying that I can express every single thought I have or 
understand every word people say, but I am focusing my absolute
hardest when people talk to me and can get the general idea of what
they say and can add to the conversation and keep it going.  Our
lessons this week were so exhilarating because I felt so in tune with
the Spirit and things started coming to my mind and I would just
say them!  And then after the lesson, I would want to skip all the
way home because I think I can totally do this mission thing!

I’m so ready for the weeks to come. I know it’s only going to get even better!

And lastly, I just have to say how incredibly blessed I feel to be
able to do another transfer here in Szeged. Yes, the heat is starting
to get almost unbearable, to the point where you are just used to
being sweaty and sticky 24/7.  And yes, I have had to catch about 5
cockroaches just yesterday.  But this is my home away from home!
And the best part about this place is the people!  The best moment
was walking into church and getting so many smiles and hugs from
my favorite people.  The members in the branch are so amazing and
I love each one of them with all my heart!  I am so happy I get to
serve them for another two months and continue strengthening our
relationships.  The same goes for our investigators!

(A side story I thought I would add… Brooke sent the above picture to me with the following caption… “I tried wearing more sensible shoes and they turned out giving me horrible blisters! woohoo! my feet are actually doing so much better! i don’t even know why!!!
 The reason I shared this is because it is more PROOF that Heavenly Father answers prayers!  Brooke had told me on our Mother’s day call that she is having a lot of foot problems.  She has collapsed arches and was still having a lot of pain a few weeks ago.  I told her she needed to talk to her Mission President about seeing another doctor - her feet are her main mode of transportation!!!  Anyway.. I have been praying a lot for her, as usual, but really praying for her feet to be healed so that she can accomplish all she needs to on her mission.  I even asked my Mom to pray for her feet too… When she told me her feet were better and she didn’t even know why… I KNEW WHY!! - Chris) 

It really is all about the people!  Ah… Szeged!  There’s no place I’d rather be!

So, so happy!

I love you all and hope you have an incredible week!

Go swimming for me! Haha!

Sok szeretettel,

Gertsch Nővér