Monday, May 22, 2017

Nem vagyumk egyedül (we are not alone)

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Week of May 16 - 22 - I’ve never been alone.

Summer is coming! I love Fagyi!!! 

Never have I ever been so physically exhausted.  Never have I ever been so spiritually strong.  Part of me just wants to sleep for a couple days.  But luckily, a much bigger part of me wants to finish off strong and I have so much motivation to go out and serve the Lord.  I am able to see that I have been preparing myself for this my entire mission.  I have acquired habits that I can now fall back on when times get a little bit trying.  And because I am choosing to not only go out and serve, but I have this desire to do all I can, and the Lord is with me and blessing me every single day.  


If I were to write about every single miracle I saw this week this would be a very long letter.  I kid you not.  Every single time we went out either talking to people on the streets or knocking on doors, we found at least one person that was interested and we are going to be meeting with this this week!  I have gone so long on my mission with not a lot of work and a whole lot of rejection.  But then, in my last city, and on my last transfer, it all starts to pick up.  It’s funny how things work.  All according to the Lord’s planning and timing.  

Nyíregyháza -

I’m so glad I’ve leaned how to trust in the Lord.  It’s one of the most important lessons I have learned out here on the mission.  If we trust and rely on him, then we really have no reason to fear.  Even if the future is scary - and you don’t want to leave your life for the past 18 months - I’m not alone in this.  I’ve never been alone in this.  And for that, I will be forever thankful.  

Kristóf, my heart

This is Magdika, one of the members here whom i love SO much

Nem vagyumk egyedül
(we are not alone)

More to come next week!
Sending you my love!!!

sok szeretettel

Gertsch Nővér 

The zoo on Pday with the Elders 

 splits with Hughes nővér

It snowed cotton?!?! 

It's All Getting Real

Week of May 9 - 15

“It’s All Getting Real”

Check it out!  I'm in the newspaper here!

Elder Kearon, a member of the Quorum of the 70 in our church came and did a training for us!  And I have to say it was one of the highlights of my mission.  He is a man of God and I learned so much from him.  But I think one of the the biggest things I loved was his focus on choosing to be happy.  Currently, I have been kind of freaking out about the future, when I really need to just be happy with the now and make every day a happy day.  

Mission Leadership Council with Elder Kearon
The next day we had a Mission Leadership Council with all of the leaders in the mission, led by Elder Kearon and with those two experiences, he gave me so much perspective and motivation to not only end strong, but to keep going strong even when I am back home.  I had to give my “departing testimony” at the Zone Conference and attempted to do the impossible task of expressing my feelings about my mission and my testimony - IN TWO MINUTES.  I only cried a little and gave a simple testimony of what my mission has taught me.   But it was perfect, because that is me - simple.  All in all, these retrospective moments are starting to truly amaze me and it is incredible to see where I stand today.  
This week I have been starting the “see you soon’s” to some of my very best friends and it is not easy.  But I am forever thankful for the friendships I have made out here  They are some of the most special and irreplaceable ones I will ever have. 

Here are some pictures with captions from the week:

at one of the meetings last week, Robinson Testver (our teacher from the MTC) popped in and it was so cool to see how far we have come and how old we have gotten haha.JPG

going to Budapest every time I just fall more and more in love with this country. I got called to serve in the most beautiful country

because we had to stay the night in Budapest, i got to go on slits with the incredible SWENSON NŐVÉR aka one of my best friends. you know its a special friendship when you can have so much fun while being a missionary and working hard
while tracting, we got a let in and found a potential investigator who is in a jazz band.

so many throwbacks! This is Edina and Janka, I did skype TRC with them in the MTC- back when i couldnt speak more than 3 words in hungarian!!! 
I have learned and realized that I can't ignore the fact that in a little, I will be finishing this chapter of my life.  In all honesty, I don't know if I can get myself to leave this country, it's culture ESPECIALLY the Hungarian people, my mission president and his wife, and all of my missionary friends.  I have fallen in love with the missionary life and this work.

But, the time is getting closer to opening a new door and I am going to do all I can to be happy.  These next few weeks are going to be absolutely crazy, but I am ready to continue to love and serve the Lord with all my heart.  I’ve said it before, but I will say it again - 

I love my mission  I love the person I have become because of my mission and am ETERNALLY grateful of the relationships I have made here in Hungary.  

God is Good - Life is Good

Theme song for the week - “Don’t worry - be happy”  
when the train is running late right before Mothers Day Skype....
Mother's Day Skype!

sok sok szeretettel, 

Gertsch Nővér 

A few more pictures of mission friends- 
Brantley Nover- Former companion 
Csolity nővér! the hungarian sister that we met in the MTC. she is now home from her mission
Hughes Elder- MTC district 
Smith Nover - former companion 
Miller Elder - MTC district 
Swenson Nover - great mission friend and soon to be college roommate!
Mission District with our MTC teacher Robinson Testver

Happy to the very end! May 1 - May 8

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Only 2 more weeks to send Brooke a email on her mission!!!

Week of May 1- May 8

Highlight of Brooke’s email from this week:

… I really do have a firm and solid testimony that this is the Lord’s work and it is all up to Him.  My companion and I have promised to push ourselves as hard as we can to accomplish all that He needs us to do here.

On Splits in Eger
Tracting in a little falu outside of Eger with Arts Nővér - the sweetest new missionary that has only been here a few weeks!  She is an inspiration to me!
More beautiful Eger 
The mission never gets easier.  I feel as though I am being tested to see if I have learned anything from the past 17 months out on the mission and how to handle what has been given to me!  
I will keep on keeping on and stay positive and happy, to the very end.

My District in Nyíregyháza
I send you all my love and Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible Mothers out there!!!

sok szeretettel, 

Gertsch Nővér 

Remember to notice the small things 

Monday, May 1, 2017

I'm going to sing! Brooke Gertsch Mission Update 4/24/17

Brooke’s email -

Brooke and her new companion -  Day Nővér
“In this life, we are all just hiking up the mountain.  We can sing as we climb, or we an complain about our sore feet.  Whichever we choose we still have to do the like.  I have decided that singing makes a lot more sense.” 

I heard that quote awhile back and it stuck with me.  I have learned time after time that we can choose how we see situations and how to react to them.  It also reminded me of a Hannah Montana song (don't judge!) that said “life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock!” As cheesy as that just was, it is so true, and that is going to be my perspective until the end - I’m going to sing!

Anyway… This week!

So incredibly crazy and busy.  TRANSFERS were this week and I had to say goodby to some very special people.  Sister Vielstich and Sister Mason went home.  As sad as I was to have them leave, I am so incredibly blessed to have met those two and learned so much from them and truly have gained two eternal best friends  People on the mission change your life!  Not even worried because we will always be close.  

Brooke with her MTC companion (and now great friend) Sister Mason 
Brooke and one of her former companions Sister Vielstich

So blessed to have so many wonderful companions!!! 

We got back from Budapest and then went straight back for MLC (a leadership meeting) and it was so much fun to see all of my people and I had a flashback to the MTC as I looked around the room and saw all of the Elders I was with from the MTC and we were all speaking Hungarian!  I can remember back to the days when we sat in a stuffy classroom and were learning (well, attempting to learn) this crazy language.  We have come such a long way.  Can I go back please!?!

I feel like the topic of this letter is how much I love my people!  I just really do.  And I could go on forever.  This last Saturday was the 30th anniversary of the church being here in Hungary.  The branch had a special program were some of the oldest members told their conversion stories and shared pictures.  I couldn’t help but cry because the Hungarian people are such a special people.  they have gone through so much and they have impacted my life forever.

 this is the program for the 30th anniversary program the branch put on
I could not even begin to imagine serving anyone but the Hungarians.  I feel like my life has been changed as I have watched these members stay strong and live the gospel even though the world around them does not really accept it.  They are my spiritual giants!

Sorry for rambling today.  I can’t stop.  My heart is so full of love for the people around me. These next few weeks are so jam-packed and I am a tad bit nervous at how fast the time will fly!  I may have little freak outs, but I am still going to make the best of what I’ve got.  

Sad to say goodbye to Sister Mason - but excited to be roommates with her and Sister Swenson at BYU in a few months!! Best friends made in the mission!
Love you all so very much.  You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Stay happy!!

Sok Szeretettel, 

Gertsch Nővér  

A few pics Brooke sent me of her apartment: