Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Heeeeey Hetedik Hét! (seventh week ahhh!)

in two weeks I will be on an airplane to Hungary.


Brooke "escaping" from the MTC

hahaha I cannot even explain what I am feeling!!! But overall, I would say that I am so excited. In my journal I write "Day #" for each entry and for today it is Day 48. That is a lot of days in the MTC. I now know what Mace meant about the food and how old it got haha. This morning I switched things up and had a piece of toast with peanut butter and bananas on it and it reminded me of something grandma would make!!! Okay but MOM last week I had a meal that I cried when I took a bite because all I could think about was you. Wanna know what it was? CHIK-FIL-A. haha yeah they had a night where they catered in the MTC and I went so crazy and really thought about smuggling a bunch of Chik-fil-a sauce because I wont have it for the longest time! Definitely one of my favorite moments of the week.

Chick-Fil-A... OUR FAVORITE!!!

Another was this past friday. It was our first opportunity to do Skype TRC- which is where we have about 30 minutes to share a spiritual message with a member and we had been doing that for the past few weeks as I mentioned, but this week was the BEST because we got to Skype with a member over in Hungary!!! This was our first actual interaction with a Hungarian and I didnt even feel an ounce of nerves because it was outweighed by my desire to meet them! We got to meet with a woman named Edina and she was such an angel with such a sweet smile and spirit!!! Once again, it was so very humbling because we are reminded we have so much learning and progressing to do, but I felt the spirit so strong as we exchanged our favorite scriptures and how they have helped us in our lives. There was a moment when she shared a scripture in 2 Nephi 3:21 that said something like "and the weakness of their words will I make strong unto their faith." That just so happened to be the scripture I had found the night before after having a panic attack about being so overwhelmed with the language and it comforted me. But having her share it IN Hungarian and to be able to understand which scripture she was reading along with her testimony was so reassuring about my purpose here and I have never felt more connected the gospel. The Book of Mormon is so easy to be likened unto our lives and I cannot go a day without reading it because I find something that I needed to hear every day! So yeah. that was such a great experience and my love for my mission and the people in it are growing more and more. Can't even imagine once I get there!!! I also got to wave hello to one of our friends Janka while she was skyping with some of the elders and I hope we get to talk with her in the next two weeks! Also, Csolity Nővér (the sister missionary from Hungary serving in Arizona) leaves tomorrow and our entire district is so heartbroken! She has become a part of the family and we have developed such a strong connection just having the opportunity to have her teach us and tell us if we are saying things right and just getting us so hyped up about getting there!!! She has the biggest heart and such a strong testimony. I know that once we are done with our missions we will still be close friends. 
Gertsch Nover and her companions with Csolity Nővér (Sister Missionary from Hungary serving in Arizona)

So many people ask how the language is going and it is so funny because it really fluctuates! One day we will be in class and I will feel so confident and that I have learned so much and then another day I will be in a lesson and not even remember a word of vocabulary! Before skyping, I was having such a bad attitude and getting so down on myself because I just want to know everything and be able to express my feelings and what I believe! Sometimes I forget about that simplicity I had talked about at the beginning. But now after getting that 2nd wind and boost of motivation after talking with Edina, I dont know if its a touch of the gift of tongues, but I try to say everything I can in Hungarian and i dont completely fail! And it comes little by little. I'm not complaining! I just want to fast forward and be able to talk lots and super fast pretty much every day. But one lesson I have learned (am still having to learn) is to live in the present. Live for today. I have seen myself so unhappy when I look back at how things used to be and incredibly stressed looking ahead at what I have to deal with and I forget about what is right in front of me! And to look at all the blessings. I have so many amazing people around me and have discovered my testimony and am being so spiritually nourished and feel the spirit every day. Life is so good. And I hope to help others find that happiness I feel too. 

I also just wanted to take a second to say how BLESSED I am with my teachers. We have Robinson Testver that is so sassy and deals with our crazy district and is so patient as we continue to ask week one questions in week 7 haha. Rupard Nővér is super cool too. she is straight up hipster and everything i wish i was haha she not only dresses with such style, but she is so sweet and understanding of where we are. They both are. We feel so much love from them and we have so much for them! This last week both of them came in and it was so funny/sad because at dinner we were talking about how it oddly felt like complete like our entire family was together because we had both of our "parents" (as it feels). Yeah I could go on and on. I love them so much and would not have the courage and comfort I have if it werent for them and thank them for MINDEN. (EVERYTHING). 

Budapest, Hungary District

One of my favorite quotes of the week: "Sometimes you dont have to know how it works, you just have to know that it does work."

Favorite Scripture of the week: D&C 31:3-7 
"Lift up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of your mission is come. And your tongue shall be loosed and you shall declare glad tidings of great joy unto this generation.
And you shall declare the things which have been revealed to my servant, Jospeh Smith Jr. You shall begin to preach from this time forward, yea, to reap in the field which is white already to be burned. 
Therefore thrust in your sickle with all your soul, and your sins are forgiven you, and you shall be laden with sheaves upon your back, for the laborer is worth his hire. Wherefore your family shall live.
Behold verily I say unto you, go from them only for a little time, and declare my word, and I will prepare a place for them.
Yea, I will open the hearts of the people, and they will receive you. And I will establish a church by your hand."
*I LOVE these scriptures because, once again, they are so applicable to my life! To have the knowledge that if I serve a faithful mission and try to be the best missionary I can be, my family will be watched over and protected and that the people I will serve will have their heart open if I consecrate myself to the Lord. SZERETEM A SZENTIRASOK. (I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES)

Favorite funny moment with companions: SO being in the MTC, you start to forget sooooo much about real life. And something I have been experiencing so much lately is that my music memory is leaving me! One night my comps and I were talking about songs we love, and I was telling them about a song called "I Don't Want to Love Somebody Else" and I still cannot remember the name of the artist, but I knew that they sang another mainstream song that was on the radio forever but i COULD NOT REMEMBER THE SONG FOR THE LIFE OF ME!!! And we decided to try to figure out what it was after we had turned the lights out, and that was a bad idea, because I was not going to fall asleep until I figured out what it was. I was going crazy. It is such a scary moment when you cant remember something that used to be so important to you!!! Music was my life and thank you ali for sending me a list of songs I can sing while I run or shower haha. But anyway- so at least a half hour went by and we had started to move onto talking about something else and then Mason Nover in a quiet, raspy voice, sang "Say something I'm giving up on you..." and then Roche Nover and I jumped out of our beds and darted across the room and jumped on her and laughed so hard because she had just had like personal revelation or something! Hahah this was probably like a "you had to be there story" but it was so funny and I died from laughing so hard. So I thought I'd share. I love my companions. 

And that is it for my 7th week! 7 days full of ups and downs, some super delicious MTC food, lots of laughs, lots of scripture reading, and SO much love I have felt from my Father in Heaven through the tender mercies I feel minden napot. (every day) 
I miss you all so much! But love you more than anything! Can't wait to have Hungarian adventures to share in emails! Have a great week and know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers! Thank you for being you and for all the love and support.

Sok szeretettel, 
Gertsch Nővér :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hello Week 6!!

Jo napot családom és barátokeim Nagyon hiányolom titeket és remélem hogy jo vagytok!!! (Good day family and friends, I really miss you and hope that you are well!”)

If time moves as fast as last week did, then I will be in Hungary in no time! 
This week was not very different from the last few! It's cool to feel like we are these old, wise, seasoned missionaries now that everyone has left before us!!! It is still snowing!!! It is the middle of January and I definitely have my California forecast in mind!!! But it's all good, I am getting ready for Hungary! Actually I am ready for Hungary! Our teachers are talking more and more about the country and their experiences they had on their missions AND we saw a bunch of pictures of all over Hungary and I was seriously jumping up and down in my chair because AHHHHHHHH!!!! I feel such a connection to that country and its people and they don't even know I'm coming yet ;) The highlight of my week was finding out there was a Sister missionary from Hungary going to serve her mission in Arizona here in the MTC! Once our district heard about her, we watched and watched and waited and FINALLY found her at the end of the week. I think we are all so obsessed with her because she is the only piece of Hungary we can get our hands on! The poor sister is probably so freaked out by 10 missionaries running over to her whenever we see her, but we just love her so much and have so much fun practicing our Hungarian with her! She is the best and we plan to get a picture with her this week! 

Funny story for the week- Mason Nővér and I were feeling pretty sluggish with sitting all day and the oh so healthy MTC food, so we decided to do an exercise workout to feel more in shape. Long story short, we overworked our muscles and were SO INCREDIBLY SORE for three days straight. And to make things even better, we have to walk up 5 flights of stairs for class 3 times a day!!! We laugh about it so hard, but while we were whimpering and waddling at the beginning of the week, it was a different story! Lesson learned, I think I will stick to running during gym!

This week must be sick week or something because both of my companions took turns having a stomach bug and headaches and now a cold! I have been so incredibly blessed with the best health I have ever had and not gotten sick once! (knock on wood) I think God knows if I get sick I will go into depression from wanting my mommy so bad! Everyone is feeling better so I hope this week we can dive back into some hardcore studying!

This week we had some super amazing speakers at our devotionals!!!
 1. Elder Neil L. Andersen, one of the Twelve Apostles! He was so sweet and gave me so much inspiration to have my witness of Christ always at the tip of my lips. Be ready to share the message at any time with anyone. And that the first conversion on our mission should be ourselves. 

I have truly experienced this in the past week more than I have in my entire life. I was so scared to get out to Hungary and not know if I would have a strong testimony on what I will be teaching the people there and I definitely had that moment of "Oh my gosh what am I doing here". Which is normal, or so my family tells me! What changed my attitude and overall testimony of this gospel was the day I started to read the Book of Mormon. That accompanied with praying earnestly every night, I have gained more assurance of the truth and have felt so much peace this week. And the coolest thing is that as I feel more and more confident of my testimony, the easier it is to teach lessons and I have even MORE motivation to keep learning and working harder and harder! I read a scripture that was the cherry on top. In 2 Nephi ch.28:30, it talks about how the spirit will reveal the truth "line upon line precept upon precept" (Mom I know you will start singing the song from Saturday's Warriors haha) but for real. That is how I have been receiving revelation this week! And then when I was giving my talk (in Hungarian) yesterday in Sacrament meeting (which was really good I wish you could have heard it) as I bore my testimony I totally lost it, because I know that what I am saying is true! I wont go on for too long, but I am the happiest to belong to Az Ultosó Napok Syentjeinek Jézus Krisztus Egyháza, or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love Christ with all my heart and feel his atoning sacrifice in my life every day. He is what I strive to be and I am so thankful to have him as a best friend and someone I can rely on throughout my life. 

2. Last night we had Janice Kapp Perry, the woman who wrote As Sisters in Zion and she was so funny and so sweet and had us sing primary songs that had me and roche nővér bawling like little babies! It was a walk down memory lanes and made us so excited to find a husband and be as cute as her and her husband were!!! 

Okay so all in all, I am stircrazy, impatient, yet spiritually full and happy and missing home but even more excited for the future!!! So many emotions but you know me, always happy! I have been blessed with great health and a whole lot of strength to be away from my favorite people for so long! I have pictures up in my room and they cover the walls and at first I let them get me down and depressed, but now I look at them with the fullest heart to know that I am the luckiest girl to have all of you to call family! Keep sending pictures, especially of the little ones because I love love love to see them getting bigger! Szeretlek és beszélni fogom nektek majd!
All my love, 

5 weeks down - 4 to go to Hungary!

A whole month in the MTC. OH MY GOSH! I cant believe it has already been a month. But then again, I cant believe I have another whole month here haha. We are pretty much the veterans here, everyone has left and gone into the field. I will not lie, I am going a little crazy! I see now why people would call this the "Golden Prison"... Luckily I have been blessed with entertaining and sweet companions and the coolest district. I know that these last four weeks will fly by just as the first few did! I need to start walking around Hungary LOTS because this MTC food is starting to catch up to me!  As the weeks go by here, I dont have too much to say because we have such a regular routine but I will just talk about a few stories and updates! 

English VS. Hungarian : Being here for 5 weeks, we have started to really pick up some language! Without thinking, I now say things like yes and no, thank you, sorry, (the very simple words) in hungarian which i think is fun. For our district, it is so funny because we can NOT speak proper english anymore. Actually its not funny because not enough Hungarian is replacing it so we say words that arent even words and are in this weird limbo where our brains are like not working or something (?) haha I love it. In my journal the other night, I was talking about how tired i was from waking up at 6:30 for the past 30 days, and - without thinking - I wrote "NOT ENOUGH SLEEP AM I GETTING" I applaud any multi linguists out there and pray that some day I can master the art! I dont let it get me down though. Learning new languages have always excited me and Heavenly Father has blessed me with this opportunity! Our practice lessons go really well now. No more notes and not knowing what to say! Some days I say I want to go to Hungary right at that moment because I feel so ready but then other times I feel like i need to learn 500 vocabulary words in one hour. I think last week I was saying how cool it is to only not understand a word or two when my teachers are speaking (?) but this week I had a very humbling experience. We have TRC, where we teach members of the church and just give them a short lesson, and it was actually a lot harder than I thought! The people were actually previous missionaries that have recently gotten back from Hungary. And um they definitely speak on FAST FORWARD. It was so crazy because their vocabulary is so much more expanded than my limited church vocabulary. But besides my little panic attack with that, it actually gave me a lot of hope and motivation because I just need to keep working hard and one day (in the future) I will be able to speak Hungarian! It was a good reality check to say the least!

Tender mercy, teaching moment : Quick story. So my companions and I were walking to go back to residence to get ready for gym, and a woman came out from the building next to us and asked us to come in and teach a quick lesson to an investigator (a real one that would be hired to work with the missionaries) so they can see how she acts with us or something. We, of course agreed, and literally grabbed a book of Mormon and walked in and started talking with her. Her name was Sarah and she spoke ENGLISH which was actually new to us because we have yet to actually have a lesson in English our entire time in the MTC. As we started talking, it was so cool to feel all of the Hungarian words on the tip of my tongue and made me happy to know that if I would have had to teach in Hungarian, I could have. So we began to talk and get to know her and her concerns. Her biggest one was "When there is so much bad going on in the world, how is there a god?" And I found it so touching because that is something I think all the time. And right when she said that, I was like "How am I going to answer that?!" But being in the MTC, I constantly have a prayer in my heart and I started to think about all the bad things I used to think about that have happened to good people and what I felt inspired to share with her was that God is our Heavenly Father. And He loves us and would never want us to hurt or be in danger. But because He loves us so much, He gave us the ability to choose for ourselves and some people use that power in a negative way. But when bad things do happen to us, because we are given that agency, we can choose how we react to things that have been put in our paths. We can look at the trial and question why and feel pity on ourselves, or we can learn to grow from them and have a positive perspective on life. It is definitely easier said than done, but another gift God has given us is the Book of Mormon and the opportunity to pray to him and with that, we can get through those hard times. I didnt mean to say word for word what I said in the lesson, it was just a point I hadnt even personally thought about and as the words came out of my mouth, it was like I was learning too! I feel that being called to serve in Hungary and to speak this language has given me such a simple testimony of our gospel and that is a gospel of love. Learning how to express my testimony in the way I understand the principles of the church is such a blessing and I know that it will stay with me long past my mission.

5 weeks down - 4 to go! 

Sunday : Sundays are one of my favorite days! Yesterday, Miller Elder, Aardema Elder, Mason Nover, Roche Nover and I sang Joseph Smith's first vision Magyarul (in Hungarian) and my heart was so full of love and with the spirit because I was able to bear my testimony through song and in my new language! We also write talks every week and get called on to speak and so Sunday morning is left to prepare them. It was a much needed confidence booster after this week to be able to write a 5 minute talk without too much trouble! Writing is definitely easier than speaking though I will attest to that haha. Halas vagyok Krisztusert es engestelesert. Tudom hogy a evangeliumot igaz. Szeretem ezt evangelium. Áldott vagyok , hogy egy része ennek a egyhaznak.

Book of Mormon : Elder Bednar gave us all a challenge to buy a cheap paperback book of mormon from the bookstore whenever we would have a question and to read it through, finding answers throughout the book. Being here and feeling the pressure to make sure I knew this was all for real (because I am going and teaching others about it) I felt the need to make sure my testimony was the strongest it can be before I leave. I bought the book and have already gotten through 50 pages in 2 days and each page is marked up with new insights I had never even recieved when I had read it before. So much of that book is so relatable to each and every one of us and you can find advice for everything in life from the teachings and experiences of other prophets and the revelation they recieved from God. My problem had always been that I did not have that desire when reading it before, but now that i have the strongest desire to know the truth, picking it apart and studying it is my favorite part of the day. 

Anyway, the MTC is wonderful! I am so happy! I am ready ready ready! And I have loved hearing from so many of you! Mondays are the best days because I am given such wonderful words of advice and encouragement. I am so beyond blessed and appreciate it more than you know! I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year! I love you all and will talk to you next week:) 
Minden Szertsegem, 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 4

Sziastok! (Hi Everyone!!)
[so much is changing in the MTC. One being our schedules! So now instead of p-day on thursdays, it will be on Mondays - getting us ready for the field!]

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's still crazy to believe that we have already started 2016, but I feel like getting through the holidays will have been the toughest part of the MTC! But I made it! Thanks to you all that reached out and boosted my spirits! thank you so so much! The coolest thing is, for the entire year of 2016 I will be serving. Talk about a good year!

Only 35 more days until my REAL LIFE MISSION IN HUNGARY BEGINS! So many people have left for their missions (and they came after we had already been here) so our patience is really being tried! We try to look at the big picture and see that a little over a month is nothing compared to the 16 months we will have to spend in Hungary! Knowing the basics of the language really makes me feel like going and figuring it out in the actual country! I know that I say that in every email, but as each week goes by, I mean it more and more!!!
Since I had P-day like 4 days ago, I don't have too much to say! Every day I learn more. Every day I grow more. I feel like Im 22 or something. There isn't a day that goes by where I do not constantly feel the spirit. I came into the MTC thinking I had a pretty strong testimony. It was good, but after studying the szentirasok and learning more and more, I have come to a realization that this is all true, for myself, and it has made all the difference. I knew that Christ was an important part of our church. But being here has only made me come to adore and appreciate our Savior in a new light. He has done so much for me, is doing so much for me, and will continue to do so much for me. I can find the words to describe how amazing it is when you end up teaching yourself while teaching someone else. With our lessons this week, we taught about "a visszaalitas es Jezus Krisztus evangaliuma" and as I prepares to teach, I was finding different things I hadn't really noticed before  and when teaching, I would have these light bulb moments that I felt so inspired to share. As my testimony grows, so does my love for Christ. He knows me and knows how much I love to challenge myself. He knows that I would have a hard time being away from family so he gave me the next best thing with my district. He has also given me more strength than I even thought possible. A lot of people around me have had lots of doubts about being here and I feel so not normal because I haven't ever questioned this! I have so much confidence in His plan for me and I have never felt so right about something in my LIFE.

The experiences I have experienced with the language give me so much hope and faith that I can do this. The first week, I was excited when I could pick out one word my teachers were saying. And now I am so shocked that, after only 3 weeks, my teachers will be talking and I will only miss a word every now & then. MIRACLES are a real thing. Before getting here, I would have an anxiety attack just listening to what I had to learn. My motto for the moment: Csinalhatok nehez dolgokat! (I can do hard things!) 
I love you all so so much. Hope you guys have a wonderful new year and I will talk to you soon! 

Sok szertettel,

WAIT….A quick spiritual thought to go along with the group email.

This week I learned something really special while preparing a lesson about bunbanat (repentance).
In the bible dictionary, if you look up the definition, it says: it "denotes a change of mind. A fresh view about God, about oneself, and about the world. Repentance comes to mean a turning of the heart and will to God, and a renunciation of sin to which we are naturally inclined. Without this there can be no progress in the things of the soul's salvation. For all accountable persons are stained by sin and must be cleansed in order to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Repentance is not optional for salvation. it is a commandment of God." 

My thoughts about repentance are this. After studying this gospel and realizing it is a gospel of love, I know that repentance is not a requirement. it is a gift! I love that the definition included a "fresh" view on not only our views about God, but also ourselves. It such a testimony to me that Christ loves us and suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane so that repentance could be possible for us. Repenting doesn't have to be for big huge things, it can be a daily thing so that we can be forgiven of our mistakes, thoughts and actions and all. As we are forgiven, we learn and become more like Christ, which is the ultimate goal! Hanging onto guilt from our mistakes is unnecessary pain that God wants to take from us. All we have to do is take responsibility and want to change

Tudom hogy bunbanat nagyon fontos es isten szeret minket. Akarom elni a chaladom es orok elet.

(I know that repentance is extremely important and that God loves us. I want to live with my family for all eternity.)
And NOW that is all i have for this week! 
***Here is a neat story about how Brooke met my Dad’s cousin (Pictured below… Karren Gallacher w/her husband Terry) I copied and pasted it in Brooke’s words… a little background… My Dad’s cousin and her husband work in the MTC and had told my Dad they would look for Brooke to tell her hello and give her hug. They had apparently tried finding her a few times but had been unsuccessful…)
(from Brooke) OKAY! So meeting grandpas cousin.
After our call on christmas, I kept my eyes open because I was wanting to get a hug from family somehow! It was the night of Christmas day and one of the Albanians in my district said that she had come over to one of my classrooms that I wasn't in that day, and he gave me her name and I just kept getting so bummed whenever I would look when Senior missionaries came on the weekends and devotional night and never be able to find her! You can ask my companions- I obsessed over trying to find her! But then this week I kind of forgot about it and then this Sunday, I was walking into devotional, and the thought came back into my mind. As I walked down the bleachers out of the corner of my eye, I saw her hair. It reminded me of great grandma’s hair and bonnie's hair that I had seen in pictures! As I walked by I looked over and her and I both locked eyes for a second, but people were behind me and I didn’t want to hold them up so I kept walking. But then I turned around to walk by her again to read her name tag. I didn't have much to lose, because if it wasn’t her i wouldn’t see her again! When I walked up, I just said "do you happen to be related to Bob Telford?" And she didn't even say yes, she just gasped and pulled me into such an amazing hug that i needed SO bad! It was the coolest experience. Because I had had a dream the night before and everyone the fam was in it and I woke up so sad and missing you guys! So Heavenly Father made it so that I walked in the same side that she was on and to give me the courage to walk back up to her. She is definitely related to grandpa. Her spirit is so sweet and happy and welcoming and I felt so much love from her and I met her that day! I also love her husband. They are heaven sent! Tell her I appreciate them SO MUCH! and now we will be running into each other a lot!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hello Happy New Years! Hello 2016!!!

sziasztok<3 ( Hi everyone!)


wait ...  has it been 3 weeks or 4? haha I cant even tell. I seriously feel like I have been here for months! The past few weeks have been so jam-packed with events, hungarian, lessons, activities, eating, and spending time with the best zone EVER. 

CHRISTMAS. Was definitely one for the books. By FAR my most favorite Christmas! If I had my entire family with me in the MTC, I would think I was in Heaven. We woke up Christmas morning, opened our packages from home and sat and ate chocolates before breakfast! Then we went to our Christmas Devotional where ELDER DAVID A. BEDNAR and his wife spoke to us!!!! I sang in the MTC choir again and was crying the entire time because one of the counselors in the MTC presidency commented that when we sing, the angles are there singing with us and I felt their presence as we were singing praise to the Lord's birth. The Bednars were the perfect couple to speak to us, because they were so personable and were really looking at our faces and reaching out to us. they passed around cell phones and opened up a little Q&A where we could text questions and he would choose some to speak about. We were also broadcasted to all the other MTCs in the world and they could email their questions in too. I gained so much insight to questions I didnt even think to ask. It was the best devotional and I felt like him and his wife's words were a big huge hug! We had Christmas dinner for lunch, which was super different but cool! After dinner we got to call home and I was surprised to find out that I had a quick chance to talk to some family! Although i bawled like a baby and couldnt show off all the hungarian I actually did now, it was so great. I had never felt the spirit through the phone! and although I could only talk to a small portion of my family, I felt everyones love and hope they can feel my love & testimony! After the calls, we went to dinner i think... haha so much happened that day i cannot even remember! But the funniest thing was, for Christmas dinner, I had a PB&J sandwich with doritos! I bet my Christmas dinner trumps all other dinners! haha im not complaining. every single thing that happened on that day humbled me so much and really kept my mind on Christ. After dinner, we had a Christmas program where I got one of the best christmas presents EVER. David Archuleta came and performed like 10 songs for us! All of us sister missionaries were fangirling so hard. He has such an amazing voice and sang christmas songs and church hymns and then ended with the song i had been praying he would sing- the "Glorious" song from Meet the Mormons. Heavenly Father gave me so many incredible Christmas gifts that day and I am so thankful for them! We also ended by watching Ephraims Rescue....I had never seen it before but i highly recommend watching it! Two thumbs up.

In our zone, we had the Hungarians, Fins, and Albanians, and now it is going to be just us Huns for a while! The albanians left us and it is so hard! I lost my BBFF (British Best Friend) named Elder Samuel, Elder Farnworth & Franks & Cox and MOTRA Willey who was our kind of fourth companion! We always had so much fun together and now it is a lot more quite and less crazy. I know that they are having so much fun out in the field and i am proud of them and know that any day now we will be making more friends! Its crazy how close you get to people in only 3 weeks! Can't wait for mission reunions haha 

HOSTING. I got the chance to host yesterday! Thats the job where the missionaries stand and help the new missionaries get from there cars, all settled in and then to class! The first time, i was crying with the family because it threw me back to my first day and that whole painful goodbye! But as i did it with missionary after missionary, I would just give them a big hug and start to help them get excited for the MTC, because it really is the bomb. I hope i get to do it again!!!

BERTOLD. We got a new "investigator" named Bertold and we had a first lesson that just crashed and burned. we always get so nervous because we feel like we dont know enough hungarian and are worried that when they ask questions that we wont be able to answer them back, etc. etc. So we wrote a bunch of notes down and planned exactly what we were going to teach about and when we got in there, he went an entirely different direction with questions and I got super frustrated with myself! Yeah I was happy that I could understand what he was saying but was sooooo frustrated that I couldnt answer back. It was a simple question and had a simple answer, I just didnt know the right word and as hard as i tried, i just kept confusing him. Anyway, so the next day we taught again. We tried to study more and I felt pretty comfortable with what we had planned, but the unknown still stressed me out. Right before I went in to teach, I said a little prayer and when I was done, i had the strongest prompting to leave my notes outside. Without thinking, my hands put the notebook next to the door and I walked inside. My face had a super confused look as I sat down and started the conversation and trying to figure out how I walked in the room. Mason Nover and I started teaching the first vision and the restoration of the gospel and, im not saying it was perfect, but i was able to bear my testimony about the book of mormon, recite the first vision, and have a two way conversation about what he wanted to know. at the end we asked him to pray. he said he didnt know how and didnt feel comfortable. instead of just saying it myself, I told him what we say and examples of what he could say, and then HE SAID A PRAYER! Although these investigators are fictional and the people we are teaching are already members, I have never felt so excited to get to Hungary and teach people about Christ and his teachings. 

Sorry that was kind of all over the place, I probably forgot a whole bunch of stuff! But I love where I am. The people, the language, the gospel. I have felt the Lord's love more than I have in my entire life and feel him walking along beside me on the best days and the worst. Thank you all again for all the love and support. I cannot thank you enough! I hope you all have a great break and a happy New Year! 2016 will be one for the books.

All my love,