Sunday, October 25, 2015

46 DAYS ...........

You don't really take people seriously when they say that time will fly, until it already has. I mean, I still have about a month and a half, but I feel like I opened my mission call like yesterday. And it's already been 11 days. But I am happy to say that I have only had ONE meltdown! This whole getting everything done- packing for 18 months, appointments, tying up loose ends- on top of trying to spend as much time as I can with my busy family was really starting to get to me. So I've tried to organize a to-do list and we're going to do a last family vacation before I go so everything is all good.

But seriously, everything is so much better than good. I'M GOING TO HUNGARY! still feels like a dream and I am quite the obsessed little researcher, trying to get a feel for the people, the country, the culture, and even the language (not very successful in figuring that out on my own...but "Jó napot kívánok!" means "good day!") hahah I don't think I have even started to realize how hard I am going to have to work to learn this language and preach the gospel in it too!!! But it's an adventure to say the least, and I love adventures so I'm ready! Check back with me in a couple months and see if I have the same attitude and motivation ;)

              hi I love my fam cuz they take me on day outings to my favorite place.

And (as google translate says) in Hungarian, we say "jó éjszakát" or goodnight :) xoxox, B

Friday, October 16, 2015


Okay. It is going to be really difficult for me to find the words to describe my experience this past week, but I will try my best!

As most of you know, I had decided to go on a mission a while back. I recieved an overwhelming amount of love and support from everyone in my life. I knew it was the right thing for me. I felt as though months passed by until I finally got my mission call in the mail. For those that don't know the details of this process, the General Authorities meet at the church headquarters in Salt Lake and sit together and determine, with direct revelation from God, where exactly you are needed in this world. So that definitely came to mind when I was reading my letter!

Rewinding a bit, I have to admit that I was out of my mind, crazy nervous to find out where I was going. I know that wherever it might be was the place that I am supposed to be going, but I let a selfish part of me sneak into my mind and made me doubt the process. I am such a bold, adventurous, curious, and excited person and I wanted to go somewhere where most don't go. I am sad to admit that I even let my mind go there! But God did not disappoint. But when does he ever?!

I was assigned to serve in the HUNGARY BUDAPEST mission! I had no idea where that was, but knew right away that it was an answer to my prayer. I will report to the Provo MTC on December 9th, 2015 and spend 9 weeks there learning the beautiful Hungarian language! For the 16 months following, I will be living in Hungary, learning about their culture, meeting and connecting with the people there, and spreading the fullness of the gospel to those that just don't know about it yet! I am just over the moon and am constantly thanking Him for answering prayers and blessing me. To some, learning the difficult language and living in a new and unknown place, facing rejection and much more, seems daunting and impossible. But another reason why I know that this is the mission for me is that I don't feel that in the slightest. I feel such strength already and the most motivation I have ever had in my entire life. From the night I opened my call, I was on a spiritual high--still am--and it will continue to get higher and higher as I become a missionary and live a life of service in this next year and a half.

I stay up every night, at least two hours extra, unable to actually wrap my head around the fact that this is all happening, but I can't wait. And now that I have a blog, I will be able to send emails and pictures home and my mom can upload them to here, so people can watch the happiness continue. It is such a testimony booster to be going through all of this. Life is so good because the church is so true and by living it, it is proving to me that a positive outlook is more accessible and a smile is almost always on your face.

Days until I report: 54 (!)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Ahh October.

So far this month has been amazing. And it hasn't even been a week. I started it off with a new haircut, refreshing and the shortest it's ever been!

                                    short hair don't even care.

Then this last weekend. I got to do a lot of my favorite things and actually felt myself growing like 3 maturity levels if that is even a thing haha. first off, I got to get out of the Folsom bubble and drive up to Idaho to spend some family time with my older siblings. There is just something about going to new places and seeing new things. I almost feel like I get a high off of it. Call me crazy, but road trips longer than 5 hours are my favorite. Especially when you get to see these pretty sights:

I have decided that once I get off my mission, I am living in Utah. I fell in love with the mountains and I already want to go back! Speaking of missions... I am still playing the waiting game. I supposedly am supposed to be getting my call in the mail either this week or the next! I am so excited and nervous all at the same time. I have tried my best to stay open with where I will be called to, I just have lost any and all patience.

But while the whole mission thing has been on my mind every minute of every day, General Conference was a wonderful, spiritual boost for me. I am at a point in life where the church has become so important to me and I love learning more and getting closer to Christ. Totally on a spiritual high and hope that it never goes away. Every talk given I was able to really focus on and apply them to my life. I highly recommend taking notes because not only are you really listening to what the prophet and apostles are saying, you also have them written down to always have.

Some of my favorite little snippits from Conference this weekend-

  • Living the gospel isn't supposed to be difficult.
  • Start where you are
  • Exaltation is our goal, discipleship is our journey.
  • The sabbath is a time and place to leave the world behind. 
  • Simplify.
  • God's ultimate purpose is our progress.
  • Ponderize a scripture each week.
  • Don't be too critical of the barrier. It is there to provide protection, safety, peace, and is there as a safe harbor from the evils of the world.
  • Rescue the wounded in spirit.
  • Come what may and love it.
My journal is full of pages with little bullet points i found throughout the session. For me, I simplify the things they say into a short summary of a couple words just like the ones above and it makes all the difference. 
While up in Idaho, we also drove to Salt Lake and watched the afternoon session. Being in the same room as our prophet and general authorities - all men called of God - is breathtaking. SO much love for all of them and I was so blessed to experience that. 

Also big shout out to my fam. I honest lucked out with my crazy, dysfunctional family. Some may look at a child that comes from a divorce as a trial, and believe me, I have moments. But there are weekends like this where I see it as double the love and more incredible people that I get to be with for time and all eternity. From my parents, to siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins, I have a big list of people that I can look to as an example and they all are such a source of unconditional love and support. Blessed beyond belief.

new motto^

I cannot get over how much different my life has been since I have decided to serve a mission. Everything is starting to make sense. I am starting to feel that I have a purpose in this world. I am able to recognize the little, daily tender mercies of the Savior and feel the spirit when I'm reading the scriptures and even if there is a beautiful sunset. I feel as though I am a totally different person than I was a year ago, but I am totally okay with that. And I am so stoked to continue to grow! Happiness most definitely comes from this church and living a righteous life.

P.S. next post----------------------------MISSION CALL! (i hope)