Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Continuing to change and grow everyday! Brooke Gertsch Mission Update 1/9/2017

Brooke’s contact info:

1122 Budapest
Hajnoczy Jozsef utica 14

She would love a quick hello email!!!  brooke.gertsch@myldsmail.net

Well, this week totally flew by.  They really are getting faster and it is really starting to scare me!  Still enjoying every minute of it, though. The awkward moments, the snow storms, the funky foods - ALL OF IT.  Man, I love this place and these people more than I can begin to explain.  And that doesn't even really make sense.  I can’t speak well english anymore, haha!  You know what I mean!

  • This week, we visited family in the ward who had the cutest little twins.  You could most definately say that it made me miss MY twin and little kids a whole lot!
  • We also were adventuring (looking up less active members) in a falu (village) and found SLOVAKIA!

  • Went on splints with the Sisters from a city called Szombathely and I got to spend time with Towne Nőver who is the sweetest!
  • And met with my favorite person on the planet, Johanna! (Brooke’s mom is going to try to NOT take that last sentence personally!) 

Well I just kind of rambled on about my week, sorry! 

On a more serious note, the biggest thing I have been thinking about, studying about, and learning about, is our self-worth and our purpose here and God’s plan for us.  I had taught the Plan of Salvation so many times before, but this week, with one of our investigators, we really focused on our time here on Earth and why we are here.  This investigator just feels so lost and so alone.  One of the coolest things I have received as a missionary, is being able to see someone through Heavenly Father’s eyes and as this person was saying that they feel that they just go through life unnoticed and doesn't understand what they are doing here, I just wanted to hug them so hard and tell them, “YOU ARE LOVED!”
I tried as best as i could to help this person know the God loves them more than they will ever know.  Something I have learned is that it is so great to help comfort someone and tell them that they are loved and important.  I was able to see their heart soften and they even got emotional.  But then we left and came back a few days later, and it was like we had never said anything.  SO what is most important is that we, on our own, turn to our Heavenly Father, find out for ourselves that He is there.  And as we do that - without a doubt - we will start to feel His unconditional love and will receive guidance as to where we need to go in life.  That is why prayer is so important, because it is the way we can strengthen our relationship with the one that we need most.  That’s what is so cool about his whole mission thing.  I knew all of this before.  But it wasn’t until I was teaching somebody else and telling them these things, that it really clicked.  It changed me.  I am just continuing to change and grow everyday.

D&C 18:10 - “Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.”
^Brooke and her companion 

Okay, I think I will end this one now!  I hope you have a wonderful week and remember:

Nem vagyunk egyedül

Sok szeretettel,
Gertsch Nőver 

Some beautiful pictures of Győr!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

BOLDOG ÚJ ÉVET! (Happy New Year!) Brooke Gertsch Mission Update

(Happy New Year!)

West Zone Christmas Conference 

Christmas Conference - Talent Show (GyőDistrict)

West Zone -  Hungary Budapest Mission (& Santa Claus) 

It was absolutely impossible to NOT get sentimental with 2016 ending.  2016 was a full 12 months as a missionary.  I have said it before, but I will say it again (& again), this may have been the hardest year, but it also has been the best year of my life.  I really have found myself and my testimony.  I have never been so happy and felt so close to my Savior.  And I know that I owe all of this to the mission and to my Father in Heaven.  I am beyond thankful He sent me to serve the Hungarian people and to serve with these amazing missionaries.  Kind of don’t want it to ever end!  Just kidding Mom… I guess I will come home someday!

Christmas Dinner with Johanna and the Elders

Brooke and Sister Szabadkai - Mission President’s wife.  Brooke’s caption for this photo is “I love Sister Szabadkai!”

Funny story for you:

This week, we met with Teri néni.  She is a very Catholic néni that adores the missionaries and loves to feed them so she has us come over for lunch.  I had never met her before, but the moment I walked in, she squeezed me and I felt like we were instant friends.  As we sat and ate in her kitchen, she kept on worrying that I was going to be cold because my socks were thin. (my feet were just fine) But she insisted that I put my foot on her lap and she caressed it and rubbed it for the next half hour!  And I have to admit I kind of enjoyed it! Haha, I love nénis more than anything!  And we were able to talk about the Plan of Salvation with her and it was a great discussion because her husband died not too long ago.  Being a missionary is the best!

Oh, also, another néni gave me her scarf because she didn’t want me to freeze.  So don’t worry everyone, the néni’s have my back and I will not be cold this winter!

The beautiful city of Győr! 

A lesson I have been learning these past couple of weeks is patience - patience in the timing of things and patience with other’s progression.  We have a few investigators, but because of circumstances of previous beliefs, the progression is slow.  We are having to take baby steps (and sometimes steps backwards) and it is hard for me because I love them so much and can see their full potential!  But patience, of course, is a great lesson to learn and I don’t think the learning will stop, even when the mission is done!  I am grateful for our investigations and pray everyday that I can help them in every was that I can!

Well, here’s to 2017!  I am really excited to see what this year brings!

All my love,
Sok szeretettel,

Gertsch Növér 

Christmas Caroling with a few member of our Gyor ward - Barbs and Klaudia 

Here are a few cute pics from our Christmas Skype!!!

McPeak Family :) 

Gertsch Family :)