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May 29, 2017

In all honesty, I am SO nervous about the future.  I look back and laugh at how nervous and stressed I would get right before transfers.  Getting a new city or new companion was exciting, but it also meant change which has never been easy for me.  I have learned time after time to trust in the Lord and His plan for me.  Each and every transfer call was EXACTLY what I needed and I know He knows me perfectly.  If after 8 transfers I have figured that out, why am I so scared?  Why do I not want to leave?  Well, I DO know that I have fallen in love with this country and it’s people.  I have grown to love being a missionary and serving the Lord, and truly be happy while doing it.  I feel the Spirit all day, everyday and can focus with little to no distractions.  I will spend the rest of forever saying - MISSIONS ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST! and they are so worth it.  

Don’t get me wrong - I miss my family and friends at home and cannot wait to squeeze them.  So I guess I will go home.  Leaving Hungary is going to be the biggest change to happen to me in the last 18 months.  Big events, big changes always bring fear and hesitation.  I know Heavenly Father is watching out for me though because a thought came to me randomly one morning last week during personal study.  I pulled out the talk by Elder Holland - “Cast not away therefore thy confidence”.  It was exactly what I needed and gave some peace to my stressed-out self.  To sum things up, the talk references Moses when he has just seen God, and then Satan tries with all his might to shake him.  While reading, I realized how relevant that is to being on a mission.  Elder Holland said, “we cannot sign on for a battle of such eternal significance and everlasting confidence without knowing it will be a fight.  A good fight and a winning fight.  But a fight nonetheless.” 

^ and this is Zsolt, our amazing Ward Mission Leader

The past year and a half I have spent coming closer than I ever have to my Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ.  And now, the end is near and I am freaking out!!  I now and have experienced, that I’m not alone in these scary moments!  “Don’t panic and retreat.  Don’t lose your confidence.  Don’t forget how you once felt.”  I have so many experiences (I have shared many of them) that have only continued to solidify my testimony that God knows and loves us perfectly.  Satan is also very much aware of us and will try all he can to make sure we do not continue on the path of happiness in front of us.

I could go on and on about this talk.  I highly recommend reading it!  To end this letter, I will share this scripture Elder Holland uses in his talk:

“cast not away therefore thy confidence - which hath great recompense of reward.”

“we can hang on, whatever the assault of affliction, because we have paid the price of real conviction.”

I KNOW that the future is good and I have prepared myself for it.  I know that I have heavenly help and I have no need to worry.  There always has to be a first.

^ spent the day with a senior couple, the Mosers, from another city called Miskolc

This next week - I am going to enjoy every single thing, just as I have this whole time. I have the biggest prayer of thanks in my heart ALWAYS that I could serve the Lord here in this incredible country that has become my home away from home.   Don’t even get me started on the people. Needless to say I have gained countless forever friends.  

^ Sárika, a less active i adore! this week we worked lots in her garden!

^ Debrecen

Well, that is all the rambling I will do for this week.  Get ready for next week as I try to put my emotions into words (It will be my last email from my mission!!!)

^ train rides make me feel so sentimental nowadays

Nagyon szeretlek titeket es vigyázatok magatokra 

sok szeretettel,

Gertsch Nővér 

^ one last splits in debrecen! with the lovely Solomon Nővér

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